Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 54

I woke up this morning with a soul-wrenching memory of a time when my son got hurt. I felt the pain so deep in my heart that before I even opened my eyes, there were tears falling from them. And as I worked my way through that memory, remembering how I felt when I found out about it later, I found myself telling God that this was one instance when I wanted to pray bad, bad, bad things to happen to the person who hurt my child. I didn’t, but I wanted to. Instead, I prayed that God would just handle it, and I’m confident He will, and I don’t even need to know about it. What I do need to know is that my son knows how much I still to this day want to sweep him up in my arms and hug away every pain and hurt and fear he’s ever had. Those thoughts don’t parallel completely with King David’s psalm today, but he reminds me a lot that we can be angry with people who hurt us. It’s ok. And it’s natural to pray that they get properly shook at some point in their lives. We just have to let God to the shaking and not try to take on that roll ourselves.

Sum it up:

You are my rescuer, Lord,
So, please, rescue me.
Listen to my heartache.
Hear my pain.
And take care of those who have hurt me
In Your Way, in Your Time.

Writing prompt: enemy mine

Write about someone you just can’t tolerate. Give all that stuff to God, and let Him settle things.


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