Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 57

Yesterday, I realized that I had skipped this psalm in my writing and sharing, so today I am making up for my oversight. Now, this wasn’t anything huge, and it certainly doesn’t compare to being surrounded by fierce lions, but it is a good example of how we should give ourselves some grace. After all, God gives us lots of grace, and He also tells us to love our neighbors just like we love ourselves, which should reflect first and foremost our number-one love, God. It’s all so dreadfully simple and complicated at once.

Sum it up:

Show me your mercy, Lord,
So I can shed it on everyone around me.
Protect me when I fail,
But show me why I should try not to disappoint You.
For these things,
And so much more,
I will stand firm in your grace
And honor Your name always.

Writing prompt: flub

Write about something you’ve flubbed up and had to make right.


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