Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 63

Sometimes I forget to praise God. Sometimes I wake up and don’t even think about God for several minutes, and that makes me feel so guilty, like one of those dreams when I have a baby and forget where I put it. In my dreams, though, I always find the baby, and it’s just fine. I mean, it’s usually screaming its head off, but physically, its fine. It’s a lot like forgetting about God and remembering where and how to find Him again. He’s always there. Sometimes He’s yelling a lot so we can hear Him and find Him easier. No matter where or how we connect, though, let’s praise Him for His grace and forgiveness when we finally do.

Sum it up:

God, sometimes, I just don’t see you
Or feel you near me.
Sometimes, I forget about you completely!
But that only lasts for a short while,
For you are my lifelong guide and helper,
Who reminds me and awakens me,
My fortress, my reason for living
And praising and being.

Writing prompt: praise Him

Write about a time you forgot to praise God – or didn’t praise Him enough – for a joyous blessing.


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