Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 65

I’m seeing hope today in David’s words. While we sit holding our breath, waiting to see what will become of the world, these words give me hope that we will see sunny skies again. It’s weird, isn’t it, to see the world unite in the midst of chaos … after a plague couldn’t do it … after an Olympics couldn’t do it. See what I’m saying? Sometimes it takes a war to bring peace.

Sum it up:

It’s overwhelming, this life sometimes.
All we can do is put our hope in You.
And why shouldn’t we?
You calm the oceans,
After you make them rage.
You send storms,
And then gently water our fields.

So many blessings we can count.
Help us to see the sun through the clouds.

Writing prompt: unity

Write about a time when tragedy brought unity, and pray for that very miracle to happen again … soon.


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