Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 66

Have you ever been a leader of a team or group? Verse 12 of today’s psalm got me to thinking about leadership today. “Then you put a leader over us.” I remember a professor in college telling us once that a utopian society would never be possible because humans just naturally form into teams and “appoint” leaders. I put appoint in quotes because a lot of times the leaders just naturally emerge in group-type situations. Fascinating stuff if you’re into sociology and such. I guess that’s a part of sociology. I admit I get many of the ologies confused, but I do often remember things I learned in the ology classes and go, “Hey, I remember something about this, and here’s a good example of it … I think.” Like today.

Sum it up:

Let’s tell everyone what we’ve seen.
Let’s tell them every single miraculous story.
Let others hear and praise the God who saves.

We will honor His name with gifts and thoughts that please Him.

Let me tell you how God forgave me,
How He listened when I cried.
How I praise Him for His grace.

Writing prompt: leader

Write a story about leadership today.


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