Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 69

Something new about King David occurred to me, and it happened after I read verses 6 and 7, and I underlined the words “humiliated” and “humiliation.” In these lines, David essentially is saying that he doesn’t want his actions to reflect on good people around him. He says, let me be the one to bear all the humiliation. He asks God to spare others that horrible feeling of humiliation. That shows such empathy on King David’s part, but it also shows his humble nature and the fact that King David sometimes doesn’t see himself as the God-chosen individual that he is. When we look at King David, we see a king hand-chosen by God and preserved in the Bible for all time because of his wisdom and courage and all sorts of stuff. But David to himself is just David. He’s just the youngest brother. He’s just the shepherd boy. He’s just the harp-playing kid King Saul didn’t like. He’s just the ruler who had a scathing affair. He’s just the dad who’s son is out to kill him. In other words, David will never see himself the way God sees him or the way others see him. And if King David has doubts about himself and his righteousness, how much more can we doubt about ourselves? We are not kings. We are not feature characters and authors of parts of the Bible. No. But we all feel the same as even kings do sometimes. And that alone should tell us that God feels the same about us as He does about kings.

Sum it up:

I am the epitome of failure.
I barely have even one friend to call my own.
I don’t even want friends, actually,
Because I don’t want anyone to suffer on my behalf.

I will raise my eyes to the Lord who chose me,
For whatever reason,
I can’t even imagine at this low point in my life.

But still I know that You will make things right again,
As you have before,
And all will be well in the Kingdom.

Writing prompt: humiliation

Write about a humiliating experience today and try to get some relief from King David’s experiences.


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