Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 71

I am the worst evangelist. I’ve helped pass out many a pamphlet and “good news” leaflets, but I’m here to admit, I didn’t enjoy most of it. I don’t like getting in people’s faces and telling them they’re sinners and liars and hypocrites. It feels dirty to me, but we had one student tell us that those crazy pamphlets are how she met Jesus. So, to each his own, I guess. Why on Earth am I thinking about this anyway? Oh, yeah, it was verse 7: “My life is an example to many, because you have been my strength and protection.” This is how I want people to meet Jesus through me – through my life being an example of His grace and unexplainable peace in my heart about all those hurtful things that used to make me feel like I was an unworthy person. Unworthy of what, you ask? All kinds of stuff – love, money, contentment. Now, I threw money in there because I’m speaking the truth here. I didn’t grow up wealthy. My folks were blue collar workers who got by, and by working hard and saving, they did alright for themselves, and I certainly never went hungry or wanted for a Dr. Pepper in the fridge. And then I graduated, and all hell broke loose. I became a single mama, and I chose a career that paid squat. I worked and worked and worked and worked some more just to barely – and rarely ever, actually – be able to pay for basic stuff like food, rent and second-hand clothing. But we made it, and my son is a superstar, let me tell you. He’s a college grad, a solid husband and dad of three and just a fun guy all around, who can even carry a tune. I love him so much. He went through the worst of my years, and I hate that, but his success and huge forgiving heart have helped to heal my spirit, too. It’s hard being away from him, but that’s why I threw in the money bit above. It’s not that I wanted money, money, money, but it’s that I never felt worthy of it. I always wanted to give my child more than he had, so I chased money, money, money, and because of that, he grew up in about a thousand towns. Ironically, it wasn’t until I gave up my passion for working toward a future for him that I gained a monetary stability … that he doesn’t even need anymore. Life is weird, weird, weird. And I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I hope my life is an example of that.

Sum it up:

Lord, I am full of hope because of Your grace.
Lord, I am full of love because of Your mercy.
Lord, I am full of peace because of Your blessings.
Lord, I am full of life because of Your Spirit.

Writing prompt: money, money, money, muhhhh-ney … MONEY!

Write about the pros and cons of money today.


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