Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 72

The subtext of this psalm is a little confusing: it’s labeled “A psalm of Solomon” but ends with “(This ends the prayers of David son of Jesse).” So, I don’t really know who wrote this, but the message is beautiful – and a little more flowery and poetic compared to the ones we have been reading, don’t you think? So, that made me think maybe King Solomon had a hand in its creation. It also ends the second book of psalms and begins our journey into the final leg of this historic book of songs and poems. Only 67 psalms to go! I hope you stick with us.

Sum it up:

Lord, humanly kings need your guidance,
For they have such a giant responsibility.
They are expected to care for the poor
While navigating through the rich.
They must keep economies going,
Water clean and people fed.
They must use their wealth and power
To serve others,
Just like You.
Who can fill those shoes?

Writing prompt: flowery

Get flowery in your prose today! Write something romantic to God, thanking Him for His divine blessings.


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