Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 73

Money and wealth are so darn confusing! We need it, but we shouldn’t “want” it. When we have it, life can be easier, but it also can be a thousand times harder! And, ohhhhh, let’s not even talk about envying the rich. Ok, just kidding. Let’s do. As you can see from this psalm, it’s not uncommon, even for the holiest of choir leaders like Asaph, who is credited for writing this psalm. I love it so much, especially because he makes no bones about being jealous of those who have riches. It’s normal, people. YAY!!!! And thank God because sometimes I drool at things I want and can’t afford, and I’m totally jealous of people who can just go get those things and not have to save and save and save and save and save. Aye, but here’s the rub: sometimes those people are grateful for their wealth, and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes people with wealth do great things for other people with their riches, and sometimes people with wealth have six mansions, four yachts and private wine cellars on four continents, and we don’t want to even think about what might go on in those mansions, yachts and wine cellars. That’s where the bitterness to which Asaph refers in verse 21 comes from. And we don’t want that anymore than he did. Is it normal to have it? Yes. But we shouldn’t wallow in it. We should not let our jealousy get the best of our blessings because, like Asaph says, we don’t know WHAT in the diddly God is doing with them ungrateful rich folks, but we can rest assured that the only thing we need to understand is that He is doing the best thing.

Sum it up:

Man, God is so good.
I know because I messed up big time,
Many times.
I envied those who had more than me
And often wanted to be like them,
Even when I saw their lives
Weren’t as perfect as I thought they were.
God showed me that.
He gave me an understanding
That I can’t explain,
That I can’t put into words,
That I can’t not see now that it’s in me.
Good grief! That seemed easy.
And now I see how bitter-hearted I have been
And can still be,
But it’s different now that I know
God is in the Seat of Judgment.

Writing prompt: envy

Write about a time you were jealous when someone had something that you could not afford.


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