Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 75

The tune “Do Not Destroy” must have been a catchy little number, for this is the fourth psalm that is to be sung to its beat. If you remember, we encountered the same reference to “Do Not Destroy” in psalms 57, 58 and 59 (yes, I had to look that up), and I commented that I wish I knew the tune of “Do Not Destroy,” but alas, I do not, so I just have to use my imagination. That’s hard to do, especially when we have no idea what music really sounded like back in Asaph’s day. We don’t know if he was a Top 40s guy or a jazz enthusiast. I wish we had a recording, but some things just can’t be. And fortunately, God gave us brains to think about weird stuff like that.

Sum it up (to the tune of … Sweet Caroline? Just do your best.):

Thank you, Lord, for being everywhere.
For preserving remnants
That make us think, and love
And grow in our knowledge
And understanding of You.

You told us, all of us,
“Be just! Love mercy!
And walk humbly with me!”
But we didn’t listen.

Still, You washed Your forgiveness over us,
Time and time again.
Through those times, I am strengthened.

Writing prompt: tune it up

Tune up your relationship with Jesus today by writing a psalm of praise and thanks. Spend a little time with the One who gives us strength when we need it most.


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