Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 76

I’m part of a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) global prayer newsletter, and shortly after I awoke this morning, an email came in with an update from our YWAM base in Ukraine. Normally, the newsletters contain only written content, but this morning’s prayer request featured two videos, one of YWAM members passing out food in Ukraine and another of a YWAM member’s recap of how things are going there. I’ll be honest. I’m not a video person. I generally skip them and just read the text, but sometimes a video portrays emotions that, sadly, words cannot. I watched with tears running down my face before I’d even finished two sips of coffee, but ironically, the woman I was watching wasn’t tearful, at least not for most of the video anyway. Instead, she was joyous that she was able. She was grateful that she was called to stay, as she said in the video that her plan all along, before the bombing even started, was to run. But after a prayerful time with some close friends and colleagues, they stayed. And she smiled about staying, and she smiled about how much they were helping, and she smiled about working from before the sun came up until midnight, when they had to seek shelter because that’s when the bombing started. And that sweet girl, woman, lady, brave soul, whatever you want to call her, did not tear up until she mentioned the testimonies of soldiers, who have thanked her for her prayers and her help and her encouragement and assured her that their faith stands strong in the midst of bullets and bombs flying. For the love, I lost it – again – right along with her, as I am doing again right now. I think a lot of hearts are heavy these days. I have my ups and downs. I try to appreciate and enjoy my blessings, but then it hits me, some people aren’t getting to enjoy any kind of life right now. It’s hard to have hope. I hope this psalm helps.

Sum it up:

God is honored everywhere,
His name is great in all places.
He has proven that He never forsakes us,
And shields us in times of war.

We will proclaim your majesty
In the midst of battle,
Even when our enemies take from us
Irreplaceable items and people we love.

In your anger, Lord, we see a beauty,
A reconning we don’t understand,
A violent eruption,
Forced from years of grinding greed,
Beneath surfaces
Hot with hatred.

Sing praises for His release,
For it will bring justice,
And peace and unity,
Almost lost by pointless division.

Writing prompt: hope

Write something hopeful today. We all need it.


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