Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 78

As parents, sometimes we have to do drastic things to get our children’s attention. We don’t like to do it. Well, sometimes it’s fun. But when it’s serious stuff, we would rather not have to go down that road, know what I mean? If you do, then think about how God feels. And look how long it often takes Him to take action. It’s almost like He sometimes waits a little too long, and it seems too late to make things right again. But alas, we know better, as we have seen in the pages we’re reading that God’s timing always is perfect – and that maybe He waited in hopes of not having to get out the big guns.

With that said, we also can see through the pages we’re reading that God always gives us a little glimpse of hope behind the scenes. This psalm was, according to my notes, written about the time the Babylonians leveled Jerusalem and The Temple and forced most Israelites out of the land and into the mix of surrounding communities, mostly Babylonia, but some of them got to stay in Jerusalem, and some of them who might have escaped most likely scattered around the region here and there. Either way, this psalm signifies the utter and full destruction of Jerusalem. And Asaph, who probably wrote the psalm, has absolutely no clue as to why. But we do. For in these pages, we are allowed to see the full timeline, both before the desecration of Jerusalem, and thank heavens, after its full demise. But Asaph didn’t get this. Instead, he was living through it, just as we are living through some times we don’t fully understand right now. But we will. These pages tell us so.

Sum it up:

God, why on EARTH would you let this happen,
Allow these heathens to destroy your home?
We welcomed you here.
We made a special place for you.
And you just let them take it!
Actually, you just let them destroy it completely.
We love you here.
We welcomed you here.
We made a special place for you.
Whatever is happening,
We will hold fast to your promises.

Writing prompt: end of your rope

Have you ever had to go to extremes in how you treated someone? Write about that today. If you’ve never had that experience, maybe you have an experience where someone went to extremes to tell or teach you something. Write about that.


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