Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 79

Yowza! This is our longest psalm so far, (but it’s not the longest psalm). How did you do? I made a lot of orange marks about halfway through, and then I’ll be honest, I zoned out on Jesus and how God has really been impressing “love” on me lately. It’s hard to explain, but love and signs of love have just been in the air, and this psalm has love written all over it. It also has grace written all over it. It’s a cycle, if you look closely, and a history lesson all rolled into one. It says in a nutshell, we humans have been messing up since the beginning of time, and God has been forgiving us and adapting for us just to keep us close. And why? Because he loves us. That is literally the only explanation.

The other vibe I get from this psalm is that passing down our experiences with God is crucial for the next generation’s understanding of Him. God is tough to understand, guys! Yet, He’s so simple. Love. That’s all He asks of us … these days anyway.

Sum it up:

I’m going to speak to you in a little riddle
But because I am with You
You will understand.

The truth is not easy to speak,
But it is vital to humanity.
The truth, as they say,
Will set you free.

Those before have known the truth
But doubted.
They tested.
And I provided answers.

But it wasn’t enough to see it
With their eyes
To hear it with their ears
To taste it with their mouths.
They needed to feel it in their hearts.

And how do you make people feel
What they don’t want to feel?
Did I create monsters?
Did I give them too much freedom?
But they are still my creation,
And I will love them all,
Right down to the one who loves the least,
For I chose their being,
And they know not what they do.

Writing prompt: mere mortal

Verse 39 refers to God remembering that humans are mere mortals. Write about your mortality and how you’re spending it on Earth.


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