Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 83

We’ve been moving houses the last few days and also dealing with two positive COVID-19 cases, so my mind is everywhere but in this psalm today. I’m trying, however, to use it to my benefit, to put my faith where my mouth is, but you know how we are. We forget that we aren’t the ultimate boss. I can’t do a thing about the two positive cases, but I can be glad that both people are vaccinated and not very ill at the moment. I have exactly 7,982 boxes that need unpacked and exactly zero cabinet or shelf space for everything, but I can be joyful that I am able to unpack those boxes and afford new shelves, which even can be delivered to my door. We also don’t have Internet yet, which would have been detrimental to working from home, but I have a good 4G package, and my hotspot seems to be working fine, so I can smile about that, too. I can be grateful, too, in the weirdest of ways, that if we do soon have a houseful of COVID-19 positives, at least we are all together.

Sum it up:

God, please talk to me!
Can you hear me at all???
If not me, then can you hear your enemies
Mocking You,
Threatening You,
Plotting against YOU?!?

I want to see you wipe them off the face of the Earth,
Mix them up good
So their ancestors don’t even know where they came from.
Let them feel alone.
Then maybe,
Just maybe,
They’ll grow to know and love You.

Writing prompt: focus

Focus your mind on Jesus and write from your heart today.

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