Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 84

You want to know how I know God is real and listening … and has a sense of humor? Because of this psalm right here, that’s how! I was praying for a little guidance before I started reading today, and for some reason, I prayed, “Show me where You are, Lord.” And that sent a complete shiver down my spine because I immediately thought, “Wait! What if You are nowhere to be found! What if You are consciously distancing Yourself from me because I did something horrible … again??? What if this psalm is all about doom and gloom and war and anger?!?!? What have I just prayed????? Ahhhhh!!!” And that made me realize what a terrible, awful feeling it is to feel like God is mad at you. So, I just prayed right then and there for God not to ever, ever hide from me because just thinking the thought was scary enough. Then, it hit me, too, that we’ve just moved into a new house, and I never even bothered to invite God in. So, right then and there, I prayed for God to come on in and make Himself at home. And I asked Him to wash His protection and love and unity over our new walls and roof and neighbors, and man, oh man, did our new place feel evermore like home when I said amen. And THEN, that sneaky God, who loves to laugh and smile with us more than anyone on Earth, bent my head down to this lovely psalm, full of sweetness and comfort and sentiments of home.

Sum it up:

How lovely it is to live with you always, Lord.
We use to yearn to tarry in your courts.
Now, You hang out with us in our homes
And remind us You are here, always.

Writing prompt: home

Write about a place you call home.


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