Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 85

I think as a people group we’re a lot like the little boy who cried wolf. We joke around and joke around and joke around, and then when we really need help, nobody takes us seriously. Now, by joke around, I mean do stupid stuff, like littering up the Earth with all kinds of plastics and smoking up the skies with all kinds of chemicals and leaving the water run while we’re brushing our teeth. And I know you’re thinking, WE don’t litter up the Earth and smoke up the skies, and maybe you turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth, but we are all guilty of contributing to things that have gone on for centuries and are catching up with us now. And some of us do try a little. And some of us do try a lot. But still, we’re all guilty in one way or another. And few of us do very little to change that. We like our plastic containers. We like our deliveries. We like our products made in factories. We like leaving our water running while we’re brushing our teeth because it’s easier than reaching up and turning off the tap and also … because we can. We PAY for that water. It’s ours to do with as we please, right? Sometimes that is our attitude. And that’s normal. But it doesn’t mean we can’t start here today in doing a few things better. This psalm reminded me of that in verse 8: “But let them not return to their foolish ways.” Let us all do better.

Sum it up:

Lord, thank you for your generous blessings!
We owe you so much praise and gratitude,
For you restored us after our demise.
You lifted us up from the ashes,
Dusted us off
And said, “Let’s try this again.”
For this we thank you,
Time and time again.

Writing prompt: do better

Write about something you feel a little guilty about and know you can do better. Then commit to doing better.


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