Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 86

Prayer is such an important part of each day. Even if you just stop for a moment to acknowledge God is present, you speak to God’s heart. That doesn’t mean we should just say a quick prayer and go on with all our days, but it’s a start. King David knew the importance of prayer and professing his adoration for God. And those two were tight because of it. The best news is that we can be besties with God just like King David. All it takes is some communication and a little action behind our words. Some people make knowing God so complicated, but all He really asks of us is our attention.

Sum it up:

You do me great honors
By listening to my prayers, Lord.
Thank you for always being an open channel,
A source of comfort and release,
When I cannot bear the burdens of this world.

I direct my prayers to You and You alone,
For no other god listens,
And no other god acts.
I want to be like You.
Please teach me how to do that.
I want to love like You love,
And have patience like Your patience.
No one can hurt me
With your confidence on my side.

Writing prompt: prayer

Write a prayer today, and be thankful for recent blessings.


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