Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 87

I grow weary of Earthlings who profess they know God’s will and try to prove it by condemning people for their actions and judging for themselves where those individuals will wind up. That’s not our job as humans. And God gets to say who He welcomes into His Kingdom. And if you are one of those people who has been condemned or who has felt condemnation or has been told that God won’t love you for this reason or that reason, you can stand darn tall today and look those naysayers in the eyes and say, “You’re wrong! And Psalm 87 proves it, for ‘everyone enjoys the rights of citizenship there.’” The text is referring to Jerusalem, God’s holy city, the place where His Temple once stood. And it explicitly refers to people around Jerusalem, who we have learned for the last 936 pages don’t care a thing about God’s people and would love nothing more than to destroy them. But look … even those people HAVE ALL BECOME citizens of Jerusalem. It doesn’t say A FEW OF THEM CAN BECOME. It doesn’t say A HANDFUL MIGHT BECOME. It says they HAVE ALL BECOME. This is a good reminder of exactly what Jesus did for us and how no man on Earth can tell us that we are not worthy of it. Because just think, if people of Babylonia were considered citizens of Jerusalem, how much more did Jesus’ death make ALL of us citizens of God’s Kingdom? It just wouldn’t make sense if we weren’t.

Sum it up:

The city of Jerusalem is God’s great love,
He even welcomes those who don’t love Him there.
ALL are welcome,
Even if they don’t understand,
Even if they hate,
Even if they destroy,
Even if they mock,
Even if others tell them they are not.
ALL are welcome.

Let us rejoice in song and praise for this blessing.

Writing prompt: welcome

Have you ever felt super welcome somewhere? Write about your experience, and then contrast it to the feeling of being unwelcome.


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