Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 89

I always stand in awe of people who have survived unimaginable suffering and still give all praises to God. I’ve worked with men and women who have lived through wars and sex trafficking and abuse, and every time I hear their testimonies, I just can’t even. I can’t even hardly think about it, and I especially can’t even hardly consider my own sufferings when I think about all these people have lived through. Imagine living most of your life in the most horrible circumstances. Imagine trying to cling to hope in those times. That’s about where the author of this psalm was today, and I admire his faithfulness. He’s had it rough, and he serves as an inspiration to those who need a little jolt of faith today.

Sum it up:

I will sing praises to God forever,
Despite my circumstances
Because I know my God made a promise
That He will keep.

You, those who doubt,
Will see it’s true.
Oh, just wait and see!
I don’t say that pointedly.
I say that joyfully!
For we all have rejected our King.
But He responds with unfailing love.

Writing prompt: unfailing love

Write about unfailing love and what it means to you.

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