Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 93

I kept thinking about molecules and atoms while reading this psalm. Not that I’m into understanding molecules and atoms. I just think the little things are sometimes as fascinating as the big things. Take humans for example. When God created us, did He even consider all the stuff that goes along with us? Like, did He take into account that centuries and centuries and centuries down the road, the brain He breathed into beings would get curiouser and curiouser and curiouser and begin digging deep into the anatomy of every, single, teeny, tiny thing that exists? Or did He just create man, knowing “it was good,” and let ‘er ride and is still enjoying the show? I mean, we’re STILL discovering things all these lifetimes later! I’m totally going to have a convo about this when we meet, as I can relate it a lot to writing. For instance, I wonder if “the great” authors of our world even considered half the things we’ve analyzed out of their works when they were writing them? I don’t think they did because I certainly don’t when I’m writing. I just write stuff. People can pick it apart later if they want to. Is this what God did? Or did He create all the things SO THAT — knowing full well about the tiniest of tiny molecules — over the centuries His creations could discover His incredible things? Oh, it’s gonna be a good chat that one!

Sum it up:

The Lord, indeed, is majestic.
The world stands firm after so many years.
It’s withstood floods and so much more
Since these words have been written.
And so the world shall remain –
Awesome in Your hands.

Writing prompt: awesome

Write about something awesome today.


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