Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 94

It drives me nuts to know about gross stuff like child porn and animal abuse … and all kinds of even worse nastiness. But what if I didn’t know about it? What if, and I say this in an attempt to be trendy not stereotypical-ish, we all walked around like a bunch of Karens pretending the world would be hunky-dory if everyone could just live the way we do? Well, some of us do that anyway, but pretend we did it without knowing about all the bad stuff because we had totally shut ourselves out from the real world, which can be glorious, yes. But when we do it in all our glorious ignorance of what is happening around us and still proclaim that our way is the right way and that everyone who lives outside that way is doomed to hell, we can look like real jerks. Sometimes, I think the people who live like this are the real evil people, particularly from this psalm. Sometimes, I think evil people don’t realize they are evil. And sometimes, I think evil is something we as humans can’t see when it’s right in front of us, or worse yet, embedded in our very souls.

Sum it up:

Your justice is our hope, Lord!
Your justice and Yours alone.
We can deem people wicked
All day long,
But it is only You, Lord,
Who knows a person’s soul.

Your justice is our hope, Lord!
Your justice and Yours alone.

Writing prompt: Karen

Write about a Karen you know, or write about yourself being a Karen in a certain circumstance.

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