Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 95

Forty years is a long time to stay angry with someone, even for God, but I’ve seen people do it. Heck, I’m getting to the age where I could honestly say I’ve been angry with some people on some level for 40 years. Scary. Why do we carry anger with us for so long? Maybe because people can hurt us so badly. But it sucks to walk around angry all the time. Granted, I know we don’t think all day, every day about the people who make us angry. At least I hope we don’t. But they pop up now and again, don’t they? And then we feel all those fiery sparks start to go off, and then we start having those imagi-arguments in our heads where we tell that person how we think, and they understand, and all is forgiven, but then we come back to reality where none of those imagi-arguments ever occurred, and steam shoots out of ears for a few more minutes until a kid calls or a cat needs feeding or a washing machine beeps, and then we forget about the anger … until the next time … when the cycle starts all over again. Who needs this??? No one does. That’s who. Not even God needs this. He doesn’t want it, either. So, what does He do? He let’s go.

Sum it up:

Let us sing praises at your throne, Lord,
For you let us worship You here.
As you steady the Earth
And balance the seas,
You sit quietly in Your Holy Seat,
Comforting, gracefully in peace.
If only they could see Your face,
Hear Your voice, feel Your hand,
They, too, could let go of their anger.

Writing prompt: let go

Write about someone who never fails to get your goat up. Ask God to help you let go of your anger and come to a place of forgiveness and peace.


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