Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 102

Do you ever keep all your junk bottled up inside you because you think no one needs to hear it? I do. I’m sure we all do to one degree or another. And there is a balance, for sure. Some people just vomit their stuff all over the place whether you want to hear it or not. But other folks keep so much to themselves that eventually they either spew it all out like a raging volcano or spontaneous combust like a blackhole vacuum. I don’t even know if a blackhole vacuum is a thing or if that makes sense at all, but I hope you get the picture. Vomiting, spewing and inwardly combusting are not acceptable ways to vent your troubles. But writing is. Speaking to someone you trust is. Heck, sometimes just talking to myself out loud does the trick, but not usually. I generally need another person’s perspective, and if the other person’s perspective happens to be the person with whom I’m angry, all the better, as long as I don’t vomit or spew on them, or spontaneous combust right before their eyes.

Sum it up:

Lord, will you listen to me, please???
I’m dying here. Literally and physically.
I’m a mess.
My friends hate me.
My enemies hate me more.
I haven’t eaten a good meal in months.
I am skin and bones,
And the future’s not bright for me.
But for others it is
And will remain,
And because of these words,
They will know it is true.

Writing prompt: off your chest

Get something off your chest today in your writing.


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