Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 117

I’m having a morning, a two-days-after-turning-50, cat-is-sick-and-I’m-the-only-one-here-to-take-her-to-the-vet, feeling-under-appreciated morning. Ever have one of those? I guess if you’re not yet 50 and don’t have a cat, you might not be able to totally relate. But we’ve all felt under-appreciated at times, I am 100 percent certain, which has nothing to do with this psalm whatsoever. Or does it? I just read a blog regarding our free will to choose whether or not we want to be in God’s family. He makes us, but He doesn’t force us to appreciate Him. This little psalm has just one purpose — to show appreciation. Sometimes, it takes even less than five lines to show appreciation. Sometimes, it just takes a gesture or a smile or a hug. If it is so simple, why does it often seem so hard to appreciate others?

Sum it up:

Let’s praise God
Throughout the Earth,
For He loves us despite our choices.

Thank you, God!

Writing prompt: appreciate

Write a note of appreciation to someone, and deliver it to that person when you’re finished.


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