Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 119

Congratulations on reading the longest psalm in the Bible! It’s a doozy. It’s longer than many chapters. That’s because it’s an acrostic poem that contains a stanza for every letter of the Hebrew alphabet. If we could read and speak Hebrew, it probably would give off a whole different vibe, as the rhythm and verse would just flow a lot better. But, alas, what I have is my English version, so I’ll just have to try to get all I can out of what I have. I saw a lot of stuff about God’s commandments and laws and what a joy it is for us to have them. How about you?

Sum it up:

From A-Z, Lord,
You cover us
With Your laws
That are meant
To protect.
Thank you.

Writing prompt: soak it up

What did you get from this psalm? Read over a few verses again, and soak up their meanings. Then write what’s on your heart today.


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