Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 126

Have you ever been honored for helping someone? It’s a great feeling. And it’s a pretty icky feeling when you put forth your best effort, maybe even sacrificing some things you like, and don’t even get a single thank you much less a banquet thrown in your honor. Then what do you do? Well, I usually sulk for several days and sometimes even complain to one or several people, and even though it doesn’t usually change the fact that I felt slighted, it does make me feel a little better to get it off my chest. This psalm honors God for leading the Israelites to Jerusalem after they were exiled, and it does a wonderful job of acknowledging the help God gave them to get there. Imagine if they’d been led to Jerusalem and just walked in and started partying. God would have felt pretty lousy about helping their ungrateful butts. But alas, I’ll bet He STILL wouldn’t have abandoned them altogether – a lot like us humans tend to behave. We can’t control how other people respond to our help, but we can choose how we respond to those who help us, and we can continue to lend help even when we don’t get the praise we feel we deserve.

Sum it up:

How dreamy it was walking back into our hometown!
It was a miracle, indeed.
All we could do was laugh and sing
And thank God for His guidance and protection.
The road was torturous and so very long,
But the victory was totally worth it.
And for that, we owe God all the thanks.

Writing prompt: give thanks

In your writing today, thank someone who has helped you.


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