Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 128

There are many psalms in the Bible that offer promises no man can fulfill, and this is one of them. Taken out of context, this psalm can be used to harm and suppress others. And that’s a shame because it really is a beautiful psalm full of hope and most likely written by someone who experienced these very blessings and wanted to express his or her joy about them. That’s awesome. So what do we say to the people who in later years took this psalm and went, “Well, you don’t have children, so you must not fear the Lord. Bam! To the gallows with you!” Well, I don’t have all the answers, but in my “wiser” years — and knowing that I won’t be sent to the gallows — I would say, “You don’t know anything about my fear of the Lord, and I have my own blessings to count. Mind y’own beeswax.” In other words, don’t let anyone EVER convince you that you are not a beloved, forgiven and cherished child of God. You may get treated like a heathen. You may be despised by your loved ones. You may get Scripture (like this one) thrown in your face wrongly. Orrrr you may just be a really horrible person who deserves a lesson or two. But even if others are convinced you are worthless, don’t EVER be convinced of it yourself.

Sum it up:

Fearing the Lord can bring so many blessings!
You can enjoy your work
And even the money you make from it.
Your wife will be happier because you are happier.
Your whole family will be happy for it!

May we live to enjoy this joy
And pass it on to generations to come.

Writing prompt: joy

Write about something that makes you joyful.


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