Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 129

I don’t handle mean people well, and I sure don’t like it when their nasty attitudes are directed toward me. It’s HARD to live in that atmosphere day in and day out. Some people do, though. King David was one of them. He didn’t ask to be thrust into the spotlight. He was just minding some sheep one day when a guy came and got him and then another guy poofed him into a king. How’s that for instant success? Some lottery winners probably feel the same way. I’ve heard a lot of lottery winners go so far as to say they’d give the money back if they could get their old lives back. There is a lot that comes with fame and fortune, and it ain’t always easy. Oftentimes it comes with hurt, even physical hurt, like the author of this psalm describes in verse 3. And most always it comes with emotional hurt, which in turn causes us to wish pain on others, like the author does in verses 5 to 8. Of course, we don’t have to be in positions of power and leadership in order to wish hurtful things on others. We just naturally do it. It’s weird. Why do we do it? Imma have a think on that.

Sum it up:

Since I was young,
I have been bullied,
But I rose above all that,
Scars and all,
Because God is good.

May all my enemies
Know my pain
In different ways,
Ways that hurt them badly,
Ways that leave them dumbfounded,
Confused and lonely,
Never knowing how good it is to be blessed by the Lord.

Writing prompt: mean thoughts

I didn’t really like summing up that psalm because I don’t like wishing people will never know how good it is to be blessed by the Lord. I want ALL the people to know that goodness, even and especially the worst of the worst ones. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t have bad thoughts and wish justice to be served in some pretty perverse ways. I’m human, you know. Write about something or someone you don’t particularly like today, and write a blessing over them (and yourself) for things to turn around.


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