Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 132

Have you ever seen a really good idea turn into something really bad? Of course you have. It happens all the time. Something starts out as an astounding feat or an inspirational endeavor, and through the course of time and mismanagement, it becomes an eyesore or a burden or something to be completely ashamed of. I was thinking about this while reading this psalm and knowing a few historical things about the house of the Lord that David so desperately wanted to build. He only accomplished a part of his dream in his lifetime, but then his son, Solomon, fulfilled David’s every wish and then some by building a temple so elaborate that it outshined most everything on Earth. And that didn’t go over very well … eventually. And I just wondered how many Israelites who were exiled during those days knew how they ended up there in the first place. I mean, do you know how you got to where you are now? I don’t mean in your lifetime. I mean, where you were born and where your parents were born and where your grandparents were born and so on. I think we would be amazed at what we would find, and I think we would do a lot of things differently than what’s been done so far if we all just knew a little more history. Sometimes, you have to dig up the past to walk into a better future.

Sum it up:

Lord, help us remember the suffering.
And help us keep our promises
Of loving You and those around us,
As we love ourselves.

We heard your treasures were among us.
Let us honor You with them.
Let us serve in Your name with joy
For the sake of others before us
And others to come.

For we are assured rest and blessings.
Let us share that hope freely.

Writing prompt: good idea gone bad

Write about something that started out as a good thing but is now an embarrassment.


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