Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 134

It’s cliche to say, but everyone has a purpose, and this little psalm is an ode to all the “little” people … all the “servants” of the Lord … those who “serve at night” … those who get little, if any, recognition for their day-to-day tasks that literally help keep the world spinning. I’ve probably told this story a million times, but I’m gonna tell it again … when I was little, during Christmas vacation, my mom (with the “help” of me and my sister) would make every kind of Christmas candy imaginable and give candy boxes to everyone who worked for the City of Cherokee, Oklahoma, … because my dad worked for the City of Cherokee. (Why I am using so many ellipses to tell this story, I don’t know. Just roll with it.) This included the “trash guys,” and one of my favorite things to do in all of Christmas vacation was to run out and give our garbage picker-uppers their box of candy. I’d watch and watch the morning they were scheduled to arrive, and after the handoff, man, I felt so good about myself, not because I had done something nice but because I loved to see the smile on their faces. I mean, who doesn’t love getting a box of Christmas candy??? I knew there was some good stuff in there, and I was excited they were getting to enjoy it. But more than that, I was excited they got a little recognition that day … because who really ever thanks the trash guys?!?!? They get a bad rap because their job is a smelly mess, and not many people want to ride around on the backs of trucks in the hot and cold and rain and sleet to pick up all the crap that everybody else doesn’t want to deal with. Can you imagine the world with no garbage picker-uppers????? No. Don’t. It’s a horrible place. It’s horrible enough WITH the garbage picker-uppers much less without them.

Sum it up:

You are seen.
I promise.
Give thanks that you are seen
By the One who matters.

Writing prompt: servant

Write about someone who works tirelessly for the good of others and receives almost zero recognition. Share your appreciation for that person by giving him or her whatever you write today.


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