Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 135

Giving praise is an important part of feeling blessed. If you’re not willing to give thanks for the good things, you might find yourself receiving less of them. Now, this psalm focuses on giving praise to God, but we definitely can spread that blanket of thanks to those around us. And treating others with love is a “secondhand” way of honoring God, don’t you think?

Sum it up:

Honor God with your thanks,
No matter your job or title,
Praise God for loving you for you.
For it is only He who can say You are His,
And it is only you who can say He is yours.

He didn’t do all the wondrous things
You’ve been told for nothing.
He did it because He loves you.
These things, these critics, on Earth
Mean nothing.
They have no idea how God feels.

Or that He lives in our hearts.

Writing prompt: praise

Give some praise today – however you feel inspired!


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