Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 136

It’s weird to me to thank God for killing people, but this psalm does it … repeatedly. It also thanks God for a gazillion other things, but the killing part struck me funny. Not funny haha. Just funny. Like, can we do that??? Can we thank God for people dying??? I guess in some ways it’s a bittersweet thankfulness. We can be thankful while still wishing it wouldn’t have been necessary. In these circumstances, however, when a bad person dies, a lot of people cop the “he got what he deserved” attitude. I’m not sure what is right or wrong or ok or acceptable, but it’s good to know our thankfulness can span across many thresholds and encompass all things, even … ahem, murder.

Sum it up:

Give thanks to God for ALL the things,
For His love is everlasting, UNEXPLAINABLE

Writing prompt: Grateful Dead

Write about someone you are glad is dead. Weird, right? But think about it: some deaths are blessings, especially when long-suffering is involved. Go through the process of writing out your relationship with this person and how his or her death affects your present life. This is a tough one. I know. It’s a soul search, but it also can be a soul cleanse. Reach out to someone you trust if you need some backup.

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