Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 140

I have a hard time figuring out who the evil people are. Do you? I think universally we all can think of some top-level evildoers, people who most everyone thinks is evil. But on a “little man’s” level, who are these evil people? Sometimes I hate my spot on the fence when it comes to social and civil issues. I grew up in a very conservative and patriotic community where gun racks and end-of-days shelters are just something you have, and what you don’t have, your neighbors are glad to share with you. GLAD to share with you, like it makes them happy to do good things. These are my people. But on the other side of the fence, I have lots of friends who have grown up in big cities where their hybrid cars (if they even have cars) have no room for gun racks, and neighbors are just the people who share the walls next to them. These also are my people. Can I see any of them as evil for how they were raised? No. Myself included. Can I see all of them as evil for how they were raised? Yes. Myself included. So, what I can do best in all situations is listen and watch and learn and make my own decisions, draw my own boundaries and widen or narrow my own circles. Ultimately, we are responsible for deciding what kind of evil we want to be surrounded by and how we will respond to it.

Sum it up:

Protect me from evil, Lord,
Evil people who surround me
And from being evil myself.

Guide me through times
When I don’t recognize evil.
Show me the way out
And do justice in Your way.

Writing prompt: evil

Write about someone you think is just awful, but instead of naming all this person’s awful qualities, try to find some good things about him or her to write about.


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