Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 141

I was just reading an excerpt regarding people’s tendencies to turn to God for help when they are at the bottom of a pit rather than making an effort to talk to God every day, particularly when life is hunky-dory. This psalm sounds like the author (David) was a bit desperate, like he didn’t see his prayers answered all the time and certainly not immediately. I bet we all can relate, and it’s not an easy spot to be in. In fact, it’s a faith-breaker for a lot of people, and I totally get that. It’s hard to live in this world. I hope David’s words, however, encourage you to keep on keepin’ on today … and tomorrow … and the next day after that. “One day at a tiiiiiiime, sweet Jesus … “ Who remembers that song??? One of my grandma Dotterer’s faves.

Sum it up:

Dear God,

I’m crying out to you in desperation.
I can’t do anything on my own
Because I am surrounded by horrible things and horrible people.

If I’m acting like them or sending the wrong message,
Please, send someone good to tell me so.

I look to you for help
And trust that you will provide it.

Writing prompt: sweet Jesus

Don’t wait to talk to Jesus when you’re at the bottom of a pit. Write a sweet little note to him today.


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