Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 143

I was feeling like Debbie downer before I started reading this psalm. A few things haven’t gone right lately, and I reached that volcano stage when my top just blew and the hot lava ran down my cheeks. But then between my blubbering and reading, I had a moment with Jesus, and he gave me a super sweet picture of how things could be if I’d just make the choice and accept what I saw as a hurdle just another reason to count my blessings. And I smiled. And I’m still smiling. Am I completely over everything that built up to this morning’s meltdown? No. But I’m still smiling as I think of new possibilities.

Sum it up:

Hear me, Lord.
Show me you hear me.
Oh, I see now
Good things
That make me smile
Through the heartache.

Writing prompt: smile

Write about something that makes you smile, and thank God for that smile on your face!


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