Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 144

When I started this Bible study, I intended to highlight the Spiritual gifts of writing and to encourage writers in using their talents for “good things” (define as you wish). I’m not sure I accomplish that every day, but psalms like this sometimes help me to refocus. It was the line, “He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle” that reminded me of this today.

Sometimes it’s hard to put ourselves in the shoes of great leaders and warriors like King David, but as this text highlights, David had a certain set of skills (harp playing, song writing, sword wielding, sheep shepherding, etc.) that might not pertain to the majority of the rest of us. So, now think about your own skills in the same way. You most likely have a skill set that the majority of us do not have: writer, nurser of cats, family vacation planner. That seems like my current set of skills. Sigh. What about you?

Sum it up:

Praise the Lord, my rock,
Who trains my hands for communication
And gives my fingers nimbleness for typing.
He shows me how my gifts can help others.

Writing prompt: skill set

Use your skill of writing to write out your own skill sets. You can make it super technical, as in, this could help you land your next job. Or, you can make it a little corny like my examples above. Either way, I hope you are pleasantly surprised by all the things you are capable of!

(Psssst: if you are a writer, you have a skill that a majority of people do not have. And you can argue all you want that “everyone can write,” but trust me as a copywriter who gets to proofread all kinds of writing every day, it’s a skill not everyone has. 😉)


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