Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 147

When you write do you write about things you know or things you don’t know? Dumb question, huh? It’s meant to make you think about this psalm and what you’re reading. It’s often hard to relate to psalms and stories of the Bible because they were written in a time we don’t fully understand. Think about something from your childhood. I am thinking of the rotary phone. Even if I wrote a perfect description of the rotary phone – how it works, what it looked like, everything – my kids still wouldn’t fully understand the rotary phone. Yet, because I told them about it, they would have some knowledge of it, and that’s good. It’s much the same for these psalms and words that we sometimes muddle through: humans have evolved so much since these words were penned that it’s often hard to relate to them. All this talk of harps and Zion and providing people with wheat is foreign to us. However, we can substitute some of the words with words from today to make it relevant to us. Think of a guitar instead of a harp. Think of Zion as God’s all-encompassing kingdom on Earth. Think of all the ways people are fed across the planet.

Sum it up:

I got nothin’ but praise for you, Lord!
You’ve healed my wounds.
You’ve answered my prayers.
You’ve delivered me from darkness.

You brought me up in a gorgeous land,
Full of beauty and people who loved me.
You took me to nations unknown
And showed me love from strangers.

You’ve given me seasons
For every adventure
And taken me through many storms.

Writing prompt: modernize

Take this psalm and modernize it.


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