Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 149

This psalm contains lots of little verses that I bet you recognized even if you are just starting to read the Bible. That got me to thinking about the world again. Uh oh. It’s funny how out of 150 psalms, people generally only know a few lines from some specific ones. Like, why don’t we know a little something from all of them? Why are some of them special while others are just “filler.” And why don’t they just put all these special scriptures in one place so that we can just read those. Well, somebody probably has. It would be like another “Bible for Dummies.” (There is an actual “Bible for Dummies” if you were wondering.) Wouldn’t life be so much easier that way? Wouldn’t it be grand if we could get by just reading the “Books for Dummies” series? Well, we certainly try, don’t we? We humans like to take shortcuts in everything. We don’t like to do ALL the work. Some of the work is ok, but it’s hard getting through projects and constantly learning new things. However, there is a great reward in paying attention to the little details as well. I’ve been taking an online course so that I could learn a specific thing, and in about the third lesson, the instructor said if we were just taking the course to learn that specific thing we could skip to one of the ending chapters. Oh, I was so tempted! But I decided to see what the in-between chapters contained instead. And how wonderful it has been. I am not only learning new things but also arousing some old knowledge I forgot I had. And that’s why we should read all the psalms and all the stories we’ll never completely remember … because in those little moments, those bursts of ah-ha microseconds, those times when we remember why things happen the way they happen, we grow so much ourselves. We become “experts,” if you will, because we took the time to pay attention to the little details, which when combined, are what make the big details possible.

Sum it up:

There is not a thing you don’t know about me, God,
And I am so glad for that.
I don’t want to hide.
I just want to live my life.
I’m thankful You let me do that,
And I’m thankful that you’re always there when I mess up,
Even when I don’t want to admit my mistakes,
Even when I try to deny my shortcomings.
You love me through it all.
Keep showing me how to be better.

Writing prompt: little things

Write about the little things you love today.


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