Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Psalm 150

Wow. The last psalm. And what a psalm it is. I’ve just returned form a six-week vacation in the United States, and my heart couldn’t be more ready to praise the Lord. I am praising Him for blessings. I am praising Him for revelations. I am praising Him for guidance. I didn’t pick up my Bible the entire time we were traveling. I had it with me, but I never opened it. I know that sounds bad and a little weird, but somehow, doing Bible Studies for Writers felt like “work,” and I felt ok about not doing it while on holiday! 🥰 That’s not to say I didn’t read Scripture daily on my phone or pray regularly as we set off to and arrived at places from state to state. I did a lot of that. And every prayer was heard and answered. Every one. And I am praising God for that – and so much more – today.

Sum it up:

Praise God everywhere.
Praise Him for his creations.
HONK if you love Jesus!
Praise God with all kinds of music – ALL kinds,
From country to grunge to classic rock,
Let everything be dedicated to God.

Writing prompt: praise

Give God all the praises for your blessings today.


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