Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Proverbs 5

Oh, those immoral women! They’ll get you every time. The Bible gets a bad rap sometimes because it only contains books written by men. Ugh. Ladies, we can ask why later. But for now what we have is a man’s point of view about the snares and traps ladies can set. And that’s fair. We can be awful. But so can dudes. Don’t deny. However, because the Bible doesn’t have any lady authors, we don’t get to see how women saw the men of King Solomon’s day, and that seems a bit unfair. Through King Solomon’s writings, though, we thankfully at least can see how women could be viewed and treated during his time. And, well, it’s a lot like men view women nowadays actually – minus the graceful doe bits, which makes me wonder even more what the women of King Solomon’s day would have had to say about their man fans!

Writing prompt: be a man

Ladies, this one’s for you. Write this proverb from your point of view. Dudes, rewrite this proverb with your lady friends in mind.


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