Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Proverbs 7

King Solomon obviously had a lot of thoughts about promiscuous women. He wrote about them a bunch. In fact, I believe he’s touched on the subject in each of the seven proverbs we’ve read so far. This proverb is different, however, in that it tells a story, a particular story based on one man caught in the snare of a seductive woman. King Solomon tells it from a third-person view, but he sure seems to know a lot of details about the conversation he saw “through the window.” Mmmmm hmmmmm. Asking for a friend, are you?

Writing prompt: your friend

Tell a story about “a friend” who fell to temptation. Doesn’t have to be based on anything sexy, either! Heck, I’ve fallen to the temptation of a chocolate bar! I mean, my friend, ahem, fell to the temptation of a chocolate bar.


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