Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Proverbs 8

Is it wrong that I envisioned the Statue of Liberty speaking inspirationally over the masses during the first part of this proverb? I couldn’t help it. Lady Liberty is such an icon. I brought her to life through Solomon’s words up until verse 22, and then did you notice what happened? King Solomon starts quoting someone. But who??? Is Solomon so in tune with Wisdom that he can quote her in his poems? That’s deep. Another deep thought is that this is the first proverb that King Solomon didn’t mention a sultry women’s temptation, yet he wrote about a “woman” he deeply admires – and quoted her, too! Solomon is known for being a romantic, and we’re starting to see why.

Writing prompt: women

Write about a woman you admire. Write it in quotes and pretend it’s from the Statue of Liberty if you want. It’s pretty fun, actually! snort.


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