Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Proverbs 9

Who are these unwise people King Solomon goes on and on about in this psalm? Well, they are me and you, that’s who – stubborn people who don’t listen, who refuse to learn, who knock what they don’t know. Don’t lie. You’re as guilty as I am. Sometimes we just get stuck in our old ways. But King Solomon says that is a risky way to live. He says the way to get wise is to ask wise people questions. He says the way to get wise is to learn about all kinds of stuff – not just stuff that pleases and interests you. He says this is the key to adding years to your life! Heck yeah! Who’s in? Let’s grow wiser and older together.

Writing prompt: wise guy

Write about someone you know who has loads of wisdom and try to figure out how and why that person got so wise. You might gain some great pointers in your analysis!


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