Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Proverbs 19

King Solomon had a way of saying the same things over and over again, only in a little different way. As a copywriter, I find this admirable. As a human, I find it … ummmm, all kinds of different stuff. One, it’s direct, yet at the same time, it’s obscure. Two, it’s all-encompassing, yet it could apply to us individually. Three, I’m not quite sure how to sum up what I’m thinking right now. But as I read through these lines, I noticed how applicable each one of them could be … at certain times in our lives, and I couldn’t help but think about some other words King Solomon is credited for writing long ago: for everything there is a season. Now, I know The Byrds made it famous, but King Solomon (most likely) said it first, and his writings in this verse – and outside this verse – point to his meaning.

Writing prompt: season

Write about a not-so-flattering season you weathered once upon a time.


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