Our Micronesian friends, Washington (front) and Gottlieb (meaning God’s love), served the Hopi base by chopping firewood for two days last week.

I’ve lived under the dark shadow of divorce for two years. A year and a half ago, I would have told you reconciliation was impossible. Through much prayer, patience, and humility, however, God is putting our marriage back together. God is making the impossible possible. That’s what God does, right?

A year ago, instead of being angry about the circumstances that brought separation between my husband and me, I set my mind, heart, and complete faith to pray against that anger. It wasn’t easy. I was bitter, lonely, resentful. I felt abandoned, and frankly, I was afraid God just might answer my prayers. I really didn’t want to love my husband again. He hurt me.

Through my prayers and weeks of growing with God through YWAM’s Discipleship Training School, I began to realize that I had hurt my husband, too. God began to give me the heart I had for Jeromy the day we got married.

We wrote a few times while the girls and I were in Thailand, but the enemy kept our lines of communication twisted and unclear. I kept praying.

For many weeks, God kept telling me to “stand firm.” I wanted to call my husband, but I just kept hearing the words “stand firm.”

Then a few weeks ago, as we were praying for our marriage during morning worship and prayer time, our base director said these words, “I just feel like there has been a miscommunication.”

That day, God released me and gave me the courage and humility to call my husband and apologize for any miscommunications that might have occurred between us. That was the hardest phone call I’ve ever made. I knew when I dialed the phone I would be asking Jeromy if he was willing to forgive me, marry me again, and put our family back together. I was so fearful of rejection. What if I were too late? What if he had moved on? What if he had given up?

I am so thankful he had not given up or moved on. I am so blessed that God preserved our marriage – for two whole years!

As Jeromy and I talked, we started unraveling a twisted mess of lies and misconceptions the enemy had made us both believe for so long. We laughed at some things that sounded so ridiculous when we said them out loud. And we cried about things we had said and done to hurt each other, both intentionally and unintentionally.

We don’t have it all figured out yet, but we are on our way. We know that while the enemy was driving a wedge between us, God was surrounding both of us with His strength and love, making us stronger in our faith, commitment to marriage, and our family. God truly does work ALL things for good for those who love Him.

  • Please pray for us as we take our next steps – in boldness and confidence in Christ – in this healing and restoration process.

Around the Base

We hosted two teams this past week, and what blessings they have been!

A team of four Micronesian Islanders, who live in Pasadena, California, spent two days gathering and chopping firewood for the winter. They delivered a large load to Hopi that hopefully will last a long while, as the cold weather is approaching quickly.

We don’t use central heat on either base. We depend on wood-burning stoves for heat, so this task was much needed and appreciated.

Another team of 12 from Y360 in Colorado Springs is here this week serving the Hopi Nation. The team members spent two days on the Flagstaff base learning more about the Hopi culture and the people’s needs.

I, personally, was blessed abundantly by this group. Each individual’s story touched me in one way or another. One couple from Africa ministered to me about our marriage and told me they experienced many trials during their 23 years of marriage. I hope Jeromy and I can give our testimony 23 years from now to at least one couple who needs some encouragement from our great God and Healer.

  • Please pray for more teams to visit before DTS starts in January to learn more about Hopi culture and to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the reservation.

We Love to Tell the Story

We hope to return to Oklahoma in a few weeks to visit our supporting and local churches and take some time with Jeromy to talk about our future. Please contact me at okiepress@yahoo.com or (580) 741-1306 if you would like us to visit your church or youth group and tell more about our mission work, YWAM, and Discipleship Training School.

I think everyone on the planet should take a DTS, so I am happy to visit with anyone about this incredible walk with God! It changed my life, helped put my family back together, and gave me a huge heart for the nations.

Blessings to you all!

Love, Korina, Jaynee, Justine

4 thoughts on “Miscommunication”

  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this news! Really! Will keep praying for you and the girls. Big hug for you all, you blessed women of God!

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