Back to Thailand

Hello Church Families!

The girls and I will return to Thailand soon! We will go back to Chiang Mai, where I will join the staff at Create International, where we were based most of last year.

The girls will continue homeschooling, and I will continue my online course with the School of Biblical Studies. As a staff member, I also will help develop materials for unreached people groups and staff and cook for upcoming training schools. We are excited to return to Thailand, where we made many friends and fell in love with the Thai culture!

We hope to be in Thailand by early to mid-April. We are awaiting some paperwork needed for our visa applications, and then we will be able to book flights, etc. Our hope is to join Create International members from Australia and India for a YWAM Family Gathering in mid-May. Attendance to this fellowship and worship week is mandatory for all YWAM Thailand staff members. Following the gathering is YWAM Call2All and Asia Pacific Conference, plus the YWAM Thailand 40-Year Celebration. Each of these conferences focus on exchanging ideas, training, fellowship with other mission workers, and worshipping God in unison with YWAMers from across the globe. This year’s events all take place in Chiang Mai – a rare treat!

My goal is to stay on staff in Chiang Mai for one to two years, but we will return for a short time in May 2014 to attend my son Joseph’s graduation from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma. We thank you for your support this past year and ask you to continue to support our missionary journey. As our responsibilities grow, so do our needs. YWAM full-time staff members are missionaries – volunteers – and do not receive pay. I’ve included an immediate needs budget and a future needs estimate. We would love to have your monthly support, if you are not already doing so.

It was so good to see everyone in Cherokee this past couple weeks. If we didn’t get to see you, we are sorry we missed you. And if we saw you, we are so thankful. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family members! We are on our way back to Arizona to spend time with my mom and family before heading back to Thailand.

Update on our current ministries:
– Raised $543 toward our Cambodian water filter campaign
– Spoke to Blackwell HYMN Ministries and Kiowa Methodist Youth Group during February
– Finished books of Philemon, Titus, and Galatians in School of Biblical Studies
– Found a potential location to screen The Pink Room, raising awareness for sex trafficking victims and rescue missions

Blessings! Korina, Jaynee, Justine

Financial Needs

Immediate Needs:
Plane Tickets: $2,643.75
Visa Fees: $240
Total Immediate Needs: $2,883.75

Conference Fees:
YWAM Family Gathering: $502.40
YWAM Call2All, Asia Pacific, 40-Year: $195.00
Total Immediate Needs + Conference Fees: $3,581.15

Future Needs (Approximate Monthly Expenses):
Housing Expenses: $300 – $400
Insurance: $245
Food: $360
Staff Fees: $30
Total Monthly Expenses: $935 – $1,035

Financial support can be donated in one of three ways:

Deposit to:
ACB Bank
c/o Korina Dove – Missions Account
P.O. Box 227
Cherokee OK 73728

Send check to:
First Christian Church Angel Fund*
(Note: Korina Dove Missions)
P.O. Box 23
Cherokee OK 73728
(*Tax deductable)

PayPal to:

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