Can You Help Send Us Back to Thailand?

Mission to Thailand

Hello Church Families and Mission Supporters,

Could you help us with our journey back to Thailand?

We are $200 closer to meeting our immediate financial needs, but we are still short $3,381.15 of our financial goal. We are needing to meet this goal by the end of March. Would you consider a one-time donation of $30, $100, or whatever is laid on your heart?

Your donation will help cover immediate costs for: Plane Tickets ($2,643.75), Visa Fees ($240), YWAM May Conference fees ($697.40).

OR could you make a monthly pledge of $30 or more to our ongoing mission to the unreached people of Southeast Asia. We will join Create International full-time in April or May in reaching people groups in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, and beyond.

Our future and ongoing needs consist of about $1,000 each month for housing ($300-$400), Health/Medical Insurance ($245), Food/Transportation ($360).

Living in Thailand is considerably less expensive than living in the U.S., but since we are volunteer missionaries, we must rely on mission supporters such as yourself to share the Gospel to unreached people groups.

Will you help send us to these people groups who often live in the darkness of poverty, prostitution, and unnecessary sickness?

Financial support can be donated in one of three ways:

Deposit to:
ACB Bank
c/o Korina Dove – Missions Account
P.O. Box 227
Cherokee OK 73728

Send check to:
First Christian Church Angel Fund*
(Note: Korina Dove Missions)
P.O. Box 23
Cherokee OK 73728
(*Tax deductable)

PayPal to:

As you pray about how you can partner with this mission, could you share this message with others, such as church congregations, individuals, and civic groups, who also may feel called to join us?

Thank you so much for your part in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)!

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