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Full-Frontal Faith: My Testimony Unwinding

By Jaynee - October 17, 2020 Today was the most eventful day in my life so far. I’ve been crying for the past 6 hours, but not because I’m sad, or anxious, or annoyed, or angry. Over the last 10 months, I have been watching God at work all around me and have been seeing… Continue reading Full-Frontal Faith: My Testimony Unwinding


New things for 2019

Greetings and welcome to 2019! I hope your 2019 kicked off with a bang! We have hit the ground running, continuing some ongoing projects and heading into several new ones. Ministry updates Jaynee just returned from a four-day missions trip to Takuapa, in southern Thailand. A small group went to this rural village to tell… Continue reading New things for 2019


Graduating.. and America?

From Jaynee Hi everyone! It's nearing the end of this year and also nearing exam time!  Recently, I finished my classes and am now preparing to take the GED exams. Ultimately, my plan right now is to study/go into marketing and business, but I won't be going to university for a while. I'd like to… Continue reading Graduating.. and America?


While In Mongolia

"saying goodbye is always hard, whether it’s with children, peers, adults, or a whole country. You never know what you’ll end up feeling towards certain things. We said goodbye 3 separate times to 3 completely different parties- the kids, the youth, and the country- and each time I couldn’t keep the tears away."


I blame ‘the media’

The morning after I defended my thesis, I woke up to headlines of the US government banning the disbursement of citizen-owned information, protests ranging from abortion to immigration, the Russian Parliament decriminalizing vital aspects of domestic violence laws and journalists being labeled by members of the US president’s administration as "the opposition." The night I… Continue reading I blame ‘the media’