Cambodian Water Project: Stage 1

Greetings! We have a plan! For those of you interested in helping with the Cambodian water project, I am excited to report to you about the progress being made. To date, we have the first stage of the project (of three stages) drawn up and estimated. Above is a rough sketch of the plan. Our… Continue reading Cambodian Water Project: Stage 1


Cambodia and beyond

Greetings friends! I hope harvest is fruitful and going well. I love seeing all the wheat cutting photos on Facebook. It makes my heart happy … and a bit homesick. We are having a great month though. The heat has broken, and the rains have started. Hallelujah! And I have much to tell you since… Continue reading Cambodia and beyond


Oh, What a Difference 5 Years Can Make; ‘We’ll Always Be Newspaper People’

I often ask myself when making big decisions, “Will this even matter in five years?” Few times have I been able to answer yes to that question, but the day I published the last issue of the North Central Reporter was one of them. That was six years ago this week, and I have no doubt… Continue reading Oh, What a Difference 5 Years Can Make; ‘We’ll Always Be Newspaper People’


Home Sweet Home

Greetings! We are back home safe and sound after spending several weeks in America! Thank you so much to those who made our trip possible. I wish we could have thanked each of you in person, but we just were not able to get everywhere we wanted to go. We are so grateful, however, that… Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Juggling Fire

Delta’s Response

Following is the letter I received from Delta. It arrived in my e-mail inbox at 11:51 p.m. (Bangkok time) June 23. Hello, Thank you so much for reaching out to us about your daughters when they were traveling alone over the weekend. I am a Customer Solutions Specialist in our Corporate Offices and I’ve been… Continue reading Delta’s Response