The differently-abled & Say that again (2-poem prompt)

The differently-abled My mother always said,“It takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round.” Usually, she said it sarcastically,But sometimes,She meant it seriously, Like when we boxed Christmas cookiesFor volunteer firemen,And city crews,And garbage men. “It takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round,” she’d say. Otherwise, I might never have consideredHow sewers… Continue reading The differently-abled & Say that again (2-poem prompt)


Last time I lied

Taking the standI raised my handAnd swore to tell the truth But deep insideI knew I’d tryTo protect my good friend’s youth The attorney pliedAs I criedAnd memories came rushing in What he couldn’t seeInside of meWas why he’d truly never win Yes, I knew I wroteTwo years agoWhy she’d pulled the wheel But it… Continue reading Last time I lied


Ratchaphruek 💛s Dok Champa

Your scent has lured me since boyhoodDrifting downdowndownIn a constant flow of seduction Oh, what a sweet delightYour golden centerProtected by wings of white What glorious scents we will createMingling, togetherMy golden showers await! Drift faster to me, my plumLet the waters carry your petals downdowndownAnd quench my deepest roots Oh, surrender your softnessTo my… Continue reading Ratchaphruek 💛s Dok Champa


‘90s memory

Thanks, Team Cambodia! 🇰🇭❤️ You, sitting thereBeer in your handBaseball cap onSmiling at meOnly at meI wish you’d stayedYour smile, it fades seapwm19 #seapwm19day1 #kakateprompt #teamthailand


Beware the blessings

Blessings flow even in war, he said. So, some thought before, “We’re safe.” They marched on, explored, made haste, forgot, Not caring disdain comes back to haunt. (Prompt by SEAProWriMo 11-day poetry challenge. Inspired by Deuteronomy 33.)


I can’t stop thinking

I can’t stop thinking … … how I was the fastest girl in fifth grade until you moved to town. Mr. Hickman made us race - just us two - in a 440-yard dash. Not much of a dash for me. I petered out on the third curve, and you smoked. my. butt. I never… Continue reading I can’t stop thinking


Smells of Bangkok

SewerNot dull sewer today, eitherPermeating sewerInfested my nostrils as I stepped out the doorLaundry soapFresh. Woodzy. Bushezzz. Alllll the way down the soiBoom! Khao man gai around the corner That’s boiled chicken with riceAnd it smells even better than it tastesCow. Man. Guy.Funny how words can smell, tooSometimes better than ... whewWhatever that wasFollowed by… Continue reading Smells of Bangkok

Juggling Fire, Poems

The cemetery man

Nobody thinks of the cemetery manThe guy who digs the graves by handSometimes warming the brittle groundBefore one by one, he can shovel a mound He measures by yard stick to follow the lawThough he can now eyeball the box he must drawHe lays out the side guards and pounds in the tapesThen cracks the… Continue reading The cemetery man